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3/16/68 My Lai Massacre & The Killing Never Stops
by Register Peace & Freedom or Green
Wednesday Mar 22nd, 2017 9:00 PM
“This is what the U.S. Military did on that day on March 16, 1968. I use the word “We,” because our taxes paid for the massacre, and our ignorance about the war wrote the check. Among the dead were a hundred and eighty-two women, seventeen of them pregnant. A hundred and seventy-three children were executed, including fifty-six infants. Sixty older men were also murdered.”
This is the description by Mike Hastie, an Army Medic in Vietnam, now 72 year old, of the infamous May Lai Massacre, in his article:
My Lai Massacre, 49 Years Later. The Atrocities Have Never Stopped…, 3/21/17, at

As Hastie states, this was the American Final Solution:

“March 16, 2017, was the 49th anniversary of the My Lai Massacre, located in Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam. It was Saturday morning, March 16, 1968, when approximately 115 U.S. Army soldiers of the Americal Division’s Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry, landed in helicopters just outside the village of My Lai 4. Over the course of the next four hours, these American soldiers, and their Military High Command, who were flying overhead in helicopters observing the massacre, took part in a horror show far beyond the human imagination. They took the term, “War Crimes,” and added a butcher shop to the equation of morbid extermination. In essence, they became a U.S. version of the final solution. They committed an act of barbarity that would redefine the war in Vietnam. It would take years to decipher what happened that day, as denial is the elixir that protects us from experiencing national shame. It is these two words, “National Shame,” that continues to hide the truth of what really happened in Southeast Asia.”

The article is illustrated with a picture of a mosaic tile memorial mural with blood dripping down from it, which Hastie helped make possible, reminiscent of the famous painting, Guernica, by Picasso, depicting the fascist attack on the Spanish Republic in 1936-1939. The United States, of course, clearly inherited the legacy of Nazi Germany, and foretold it as well, since the horror of My Lai, easily within this writer’s memory, and the entire slaughter of 3 million Vietnamese and 1 million Cambodians was a repeat of the slaughter by the US of 3 million Koreans and 1 million Chinese in 1950-1953, the slaughter of various peoples of Latin America throughout the entire existence of the United States, the slaughter of Filipinos in the Spanish-American War of the 1890s, the slaughter of Native Americans by the US military throughout the history of the United States and its colonial predecessors, the slaughter of civilians with nuclear weapons at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the slaughter of civilians with the firebombing of Dresden and Hamburg and the current slaughter of the people of the Middle East and Afghanistan, all by the United States military and its many puppets, including Nazi Israel.

For more on the My Lai Massacre, perpetrated by Democrat Pres Johnson, see:

Lt. William Calley was tried for his role in the My Lai Massacre. “During his trial, millions of Americans believed he was not guilty, and sent thousands of letters to the White House asking for his release.” This barbaric support of war criminal Lt. Calley by Americans, who have the nerve to refer to this backward cesspool country as a model of freedom, democracy and opportunity, is today matched by those who voted for a billionaire, organized crime friend, racist, rapist, anti-labor, lifelong former Democrat, now Republican warmonger Donald Trump for president, claiming they did not know his history when it is instantly available on the Internet, a source in every American’s home. To this day, 40% of American adults, or 96 million people, support Nazi Trump, after revealing his anti-healthcare, anti-Meals on Wheels, anti-labor, anti-women, pro-war, anti-immigrant, anti-education, fascist agenda. Apparently, 50% poverty, meaning 50% of Americans cannot provide $2,000 within 30 days for an emergency, plus 80% living from paycheck to paycheck, including the 50% in poverty, is not enough for these 96 million people. Trump will certainly guarantee that we have 90% poverty if he is allowed to continue with his fascist agenda.

Clearly, it was racism and male chauvinism that allowed many voters to choose Nazi Trump, who, like the organized crime thug he is, has threatened members of his own party if they do not support his destruction of the Affordable Care Act, which was a bare minimal reform for the workingclass.

The only viable candidates are not the millionaires and billionaires promoted by the twin parties of war and fascism, the Democrat-Republicans, but the pro-peace, pro-labor, pro-environment socialist and Green Party candidates. Peace & Freedom Party was born in 1968 as millions of people formed alternatives to the twin war parties, the Democrat-Republicans, and became a socialist party on the California ballot in 1974. The Green Party was also a rejection of the bankrupt policies of the Democrat-Republicans, and made ballot status in 1992 in California, and is now on the ballot in 47 states plus DC. IT IS A PARTY’S PLATORM THAT MAKES IT VIABLE. You can register online for either one of these 2 pro-peace, pro-labor, pro-environment parties at
For more information, see: