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Mine Workers Take Up Arms Against The U.S. Backed Fascist Government in Ukraine
by Steven Argue
Thursday Jul 3rd, 2014 11:31 AM
Photo: A protest of 10,000 mine workers in the voter-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk threatened on Wednesday that they would take up arms if Kiev's military assault on the people of eastern Ukraine did not stop.
Mine Workers Take Up Arms Against The U.S. Backed Fascist Government in Ukraine

By Steven Argue

A protest of 10,000 mine workers (see photo) in the voter-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk threatened on Wednesday that they would take up arms if Kiev's military assault on the people of eastern Ukraine did not stop. At the rally, the workers chanted slogans of “No to war!”, “Fascism will not pass!”, and “Donbass and Slavyansk are hero cities!”. The designation of "hero city" was one that was given to cities during the USSR's existence for particularly heroic stands they took in the fight against Adolf Hitler's Nazi invasion of the USSR that left 30 million citizens of the USSR dead.

At the Wednesday rally, the 10,000 miners gathered in Donetsk’s Lenin Square. The miners gave the U.S. backed fascist junta in Kiev 48 hours to end their murderous assault on eastern Ukraine. This is an assault which includes shelling and bombing of civilian areas and Nazi units of the Right Sector in the Ukrainian National Guard gunning down unarmed civilians. If the Ukrainian government would not give in to worker's demands in 48 hours and end their military assault, the workers said they would take up arms to defend their land, wives, and children.

The military assaults and daily murder of civilians did not stop, despite the Kiev government's talk of a cease fire. On Friday Kiev's military assault included the murder of a mother and her 5 year-old child. No safe corridor is even being allowed for children to flee the country into Russia where tens of thousands of refugees have now been driven. In addition, this weekend, while the Ukrainian government was shelling refugees attempting to flee the country the Ukrainian government also shelled Russian territory injuring a Russian border guard and threatening a wider war. Besides murdering their own people, the U.S. backed Ukrainian government has unjustly listed scores of Russian journalists as terrorists for reporting the truth on what is happening in eastern Ukraine, opening them up for arrest and murder. Besides a number of arrests, mistreatment, and serious injury inflicted on journalists, two Russian journalists were murdered by the Ukrainian government this weekend.

These U.S. backed fascist military assaults are taking place against the voter proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics which were established after a U.S. backed coup overthrew Ukraine's democratically elected government in Kiev, built a government willing to carry out brutal IMF austerity, placed open Nazis in 6 key posts of the new junta, and built a government in part based on hatred of Ukraine's Russian minority. Svoboda, a Nazi party that took power in the coup, calls for the execution of Russian speaking intellectuals without trial. The eastern Ukrainians who are currently being murdered by the Kiev regime are made up largely of the fearful Russian speaking minority.

As a result of no real moves towards peace by the fascist government in Kiev, miners have begun taking up arms against the Kiev government. On Friday, the prime minister of the voter-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Borodai announced the "Formation of a division of miners, who have decided to defend their homes and families, has begun in Donetsk today. Five hundred people are already enrolled in the ranks." He went on to say that 10,000 miners are expected to join the self-defense forces.

Long Live the Anti-Fascist Resistance of Ukraine's Miners!

End U.S. Imperialist Support For Ukraine's Bloody Fascist War on its Working Class and Russian Speaking People!

-Steven Argue of the Revolutionary Tendency

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