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Bay Socialists Fighting for $15 Now in Walnut Creek
by Thomas Wells (thoughtboy925 [at]
Monday Jun 23rd, 2014 2:45 PM
Across California, the minimum wage is set to increase to $9.00 per hour on July 1. For a full time worker, this works out to roughly $18,720 per year. But the federal poverty level is roughly $23,000. In Walnut Creek, the cost of living is much higher than the average for the country. That means in order to get out of poverty, a worker must make much more than $23,000 particularly if they are a family. The Bay Area Socialists (SPUSA) favor a living wage for all workers. We are supporting the campaign in Walnut Creek to increase the minimum wage to $15.00. You can help by signing the petition calling on the Walnut Creek City Council to pass a $15.00 min. Only 50 more signatures are needed!! Just click on the link provided here and sign. It takes less than 30 seconds.
San Francisco Bay is one of most expensive places in the country in which to live and Walnut Creek is even more expensive than the average community in the Bay Area. Yet minimum wage workers are expected to survive on poverty level wages. This forces many to accept public assistance in order to feed their families. In Walnut Creek as elsewhere this means that tax payers are subsidizing corporations who refuse to pay a living wage. Over 70% of minimum wage workers in this country are women and many of them are forced to work part-time even though they are the primary bread-winner for the family, because they also are required to do most of the domestic unpaid labor in the home. The Bay Area Socialists (SPUSA) demands that all workers be paid a living wage in this country. That is why we are supporting this effort here in Walnut Creek as in other Bay Area cities to raise the wages of workers.

You can help by doing something very simple. You do not need to be a resident of Walnut Creek. You can click on the link and sign the petition making it possible for workers in Walnut Creek to move out of poverty! Only 50 more signatures are needed!! Your signature can make the difference!! Help us tell the City Council of Walnut Creek to raise the min wage to $15.00 now!!!