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Is Steve Glazer a Republican Anti-Tax Crusader or a Jerry Brown Democrat?
by Steven Maviglio
Thursday May 22nd, 2014 5:40 PM
Assembly candidate makes two-faced pitch to East Bay Voters
It's been difficult to keep up with all of political consultant Steve Glazer's attempts to deceive voters in his campaign for the Assembly. First he implied he had Jerry Brown's endorsement (he doesn't), then he suggested he was endorsed by the California League of Conservation Voters by using an ex-staff member in a mailer (CLCV endorsed Tim Sbranti), and then his allies used an old stock photo of a police officer to suggest that police organizations oppose Sbranti (they support him).

But today's latest antic -- a mail piece sent to Republicans -- may top them all.

Because he's failing to persuade Democrats and independents to support him, Glazer is now mailing to Republican voters in Assembly District 16. His message: Republicans should vote for him because he's an anti-tax crusader and the GOP has given up on this district.

There's only two things wrong with that. Neither are true.

The Republicans have a serious horse in this race: a pro-choice woman who is running an aggressive campaign.

In fact, Republicans having been dropping mail and robocalls in the district to encourage votes for Catherine Baker, the GOP candidate.

As for taxes, Glazer over-hypes his role in the passage of Prop 30, mailing to Democrats that, for all goods and purposes, if it wasn't for him, it would have never passed. Yet in this pitch to Republicans, he makes himself to be the reincarnation of Howard Jarvis.

Let's hope the District 16 Republicans see through this deception, just as Democrats are seeing thru Glazer's misrepresentations to them.