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Fresh killings shatter Gaza truce
by BBC (reposted)
Wednesday May 16th, 2007 6:19 AM
Gunmen have killed at least 13 people in the latest factional violence in the Gaza Strip, ending a third attempt at a ceasefire in as many days.
A dawn raid on the home of a top Fatah official left five people dead, only hours after the truce was agreed by the feuding Hamas and Fatah factions.

Later Hamas gunmen ambushed a jeep and mistakenly killed five fighters from their own side detained by Fatah men.

Some 40 people have died since fierce fighting broke out in Gaza on Sunday.

Two members of the pro-Fatah Preventive Security force and a bystander were also killed in the ambush, in the centre of Gaza City.

by Al Jazeera (reposted)
Wednesday May 16th, 2007 6:20 AM
Fighters loyal to Hamas and Fatah have fiercely clashed in Gaza, killing up to 14 Palestinians and shattering a tenuous truce between the two rival groups.

Adding to the chaos, an Israeli aircraft fired several missiles at a Hamas position near the border with Egypt on Wedesday, killing at least four Palestinians.

Nour Odeh, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Gaza, said 14 people had been killed on Wednesday - the fourth day of internecine violence between Hamas and Fatah.

The violence has led to speculation that Mahmoud Abbas, the president, may declare a state of emergency.

Escalating violence

Hamas fighters stormed a Fatah official's home in Gaza City early in the morning, killing five guards.

Hours later, several detained Hamas fighters and their Fatah escort were killed in an ambush.