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UCR/Save KPFA Members Push Swap Of Pacific WBAI Signal Without Support Of WBAI Supporters
by repost
Friday Jan 13th, 2017 9:26 AM
Save KPFA people and members of UCR at KPFA united to propose a swap of the WBAI signal as a "solution" to the Pacifica crisis without support and discussion with WBAI people. UCR member Sharon Adams pushed the resolution at the KPFA LSB
Pacifica WBAI Petition Against "Swapping" Of Signals
Here is a petition inaugurated last Wednesday night 1-11-2017 at the WBAI Local Station Board meeting. We've moved the petition on-line for you to sign. I can't transfer the signatures from paper to the on-line effort, so please scroll down this email to see them for yourself and sign again there. Every listener or staff is invited to sign.

Thank you. Please forward.

Mitchel Cohen
Former Chair, WBAI Local Station Board

Save WBAI Radio / Pacifica Network (99.5 FM,

We, the undersigned WBAI/Pacifica members, listeners and volunteers, staff, manage­ment and elected governance dele­gates oppose under any circumstances the sale, leasing or swapping of WBAI and/or its signal. In addition, we repudiate any proposals to the LSB or PNB that had been made in the last 5 years to consider the sale, leasing, or swapping of WBAI's signal.


Mitchel Cohen (staff)
Marilyn Vogt-Downey (listener)
Jack Shalom (staff, Arts Express)
Matt Mazza (listener)


Bob Young (Chair, WBAI Local Station Board, listener delegate)
Reggie Johnson (staff delegate)
Frank LeFever (listener delegate)
Kathryn Davis (staff delegate, Pacifica National Board)
Alex Steinberg (listener delegate, Pacifica National Board)
Jim Dingeman (listener delegate)
Carl Makower (listener delegate and volunteer)
Max Schmid (staff delegate)
Michael Ochoa (listener delegate and volunteer)
Rebecca Naegele (listener delegate)
Ken Laufer (listener delegate, Pacifica National Board)


Basir Mchawi (Education at the Crossroads)
Linda Perry (WBAI News)
Rosalee Hoffman
Fran Luck (Joy of Resistance)


Patricia Logan (former Local Board delegate)
Deb Russell, co-chair of WBAI Community Advisory Board
Neal Vos
Cathryn Swan


UCR Member Sharon Adams moves the following:

Motion to forward the three proposals [in the above category] to the PNB

[Kobren requests a roll call vote on any of the votes; Travis responds saying, “That’s so we can be sued”.]

==> Vote Tally:
YES (8): Sharon Adams, Craig Anderson, William Campisi, Sabrina Jacobs, Tim Lynch, Carole Travis, Barbara Whipperman, Burton White
NO (1): Anthony Fest
ABSTAIN (1): Sasha Futran
PRESENT NOT VOTING (1): Janet Kobren
NOT PRESENT (14): Jose Luis fuentes, Yuri Gottesman, Kate Gowen, Mark Hernandez, David Lynch, Joy Moore, Samsarah Morgan, Scott Olsen, Lewis Sawyer, T.M. Scruggs, Frank Sterling, Ramsès Teón-Nichols, Margy Wilkinson, Rych Withers (Associate representative
Vote Count: 8Y/1N/1A/1PNV


[Note that the body is still in a Delegates Assembly. After all the proposals were discussed, Travis adjourns the Delegates Assembly, reconvenes the LSB and asks if the vote were retaken as an LSB would it be the same. One person says yes and she accepts that as a voice for the whole body.]