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Donate to Get Copwatch Cameras for Ferguson - more cameras are needed to document police
by WeCopwatch
Tuesday Aug 19th, 2014 9:38 PM
WeCopwatch has been on the ground in Ferguson for the last week Copwatching and connecting with residents in the Canfield neighborhood. (the location where Mike Brown was murdered).

Donate for cameras for Ferguson residents now:
The space is autonomous, and has been stepping up as a community to be able to host the large volumes of people who come to pay their respects, and to also have a safe space for those who are grieving.

The police have made this process extremely hard with multiple officer involved shootings through the week and daily tear gassing. In recent days, A State of Emergency has been put in place. Drones are flying in the sky, The neighborgood of Canfield has been contained by roadblocks and police blockades.

There is a general consensus that more cameras are needed and with daily police attacks, it makes sense to to get them into people's hands as soon as possible.

We're in the process of getting a bulk camera order together so that residents in each building in Canfield Neighborhood have cameras.

Protesting will eventually slow down, but this is the type of mutal aide that is lasting and extremeley effective.

WeCopwatch is collaborating with people on the ground on this copwatch initiative, it is everyone's hopes that we fundraise over the next couple days and place our orders immediatley thereafter.

Your donation is way to stand in solidarity with people who are under attack by police, and the sooner folks are armed with cameras, the better.

This Fundraiser was called for by community leaders in the Canfield neigborhood.

We'll be sure to document the order and camera distribution
§Muvi Cameras run about $50 a pop
by WeCopwatch Tuesday Aug 19th, 2014 9:39 PM
A donation of $100 will buy two of these for Ferguson residents.
Thank you so much!

We have ordered 40 Muvi body cameras and already purchased and given out several handheld video cameras.

If you have considered making a donation and not gotten around to it yet, please, still make that donation and we will order even more cameras to help Ferguson residents get the truth out about police.