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The Day after the 45th Anniversary of Muwekma (Peoples) Park
by Zachary RunningtWolf (runningwolf.zachary [at]
Tuesday Apr 29th, 2014 9:39 PM
 The day after the 45 th Anniversary of Muwekma (Peoples) Park which was taken off the UC Kaboomkeley which they could not even get back legally because the land was taken by Imminent Domain which states that if the land is not used in seven years it would be returned to the Original owners which would be the Ohlone People. Anyway the UCPD (Pigs of the 1%) stole a Free box off the City of Berkeley property not UCs (where is our Mayor and Council people), stole another item which was a dangerous gardening tool shed (food security during Economic hard times) and Censored the community stage which read "Your Bed's are Burning and the Ocean is Radiated" which they are the University that Birthed the Nuclear age with Chancellor Sproul and that is why it is renamed Steven Biko Plaza by the Students during the divest from Apartheid in South Africa.
98 Minutes Ago X Running Wolf
The day after the 45th Anniversary of Muwekma (Peoples) Park the UC Police (9 in total) and showed intolerance to community wishes or well being. First, they stole a Free Box off City of Berkeley property (which anybody running for office needs to stand up for) as we know how to secure the Free Box over forty -five years of handing to the Man or Beast so it took 45 minutes to deprave the less fortunate some clothes. The second violation by The UC Greed- Gents was to tear out the tool shed for Gardening tools to be safe. Remember last week the Food Banks are reporting shortages because of the Drought and if you want people to start anew or productive rather than drinking or drugging. Especially during Global Warming (food security) and economic hard times (upwards 50% unemployment in California the 12 % is the people on Unemployment and 1 in 2 Americans are living below the poverty line) has the University ever read history like the CCC (California Conservation Corps) which came about in the Depression and with Global Warming Planting Trees and putting people back to work. Instead they are stealing over 18,000 eucalyptus trees  in Tilden Park (not even on UCs property) at night with no replacement plan. Then last weeks blunder of cutting down 150 year Redwoods while promising the community, students and professors that they would hold a meeting and would not be cut until summer if at all. Finally they painted over the front of the stage which read "Your Beds are Burning" a reference to Midnight Oil song about giving the stolen land back to the Aborigines. The second part read "and the Ocean is Radiated" which hits the University in the Face about the nuclear age they birthed and now has radiated the entire Ocean and Dairy Products. So instead of broadcasting the danger to the General population they go about censoring the information, Responsible I think not. Democratize tghe UC Greed Gents