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Freak Throws Nothing But Strikes For Tenant Rights
by Michael Steinberg (blackrainpress [at]
Friday Feb 21st, 2014 9:05 PM
San Francisco pitcher Tim Lincecum’s landlord sued him for $350,000. Instead a court ruled that the landlord owes The Freak $100,000.
Two time Cy Young Award and World Series winner Tim Lincecum’s first victory this year wasn’t on a baseball diamond. Instead it was in San Francisco Superior Court, where a judge ruled in his favor on Thursday.

The Freak rented a place on Hampshire Street in San Francisco’s speculator riddled Mission District from landlord Mindy Freile, from May 2010 to February 2011.

Some of you may remember that in October 2010 the Giants won the World Series for the first time since moving to SF in the prehistoric 1950s, with Linsecum playing a key role.

After Lincecum moved out of Freile’s townhouse, she sued him, alleging that that he trashed the place.

According to today’s Chronicle, “In seeking $350,000, she also claimed Linsecum had squatted in the town house for several months without paying rent.”

Fuck yeah!

Actually Lincecum “denied the claims and countersued, saying Friele had illegally withheld his security deposit,” the Chron reported.

Sound familiar?

And so on Thursday the umpire, uh, judge, awarded The Freak $100.000.

Timmy called the landlord’s lawsuit “an attempt from the very beginning on the landlord’s part to take advantage of my public profile for financial gain. She kept the balance of my security deposit while making unsubstantiated claims of exaggerated damage.

“While litigation is something you always want to avoid, I will always defend myself against frivolous lawsuits.”

And unscrupulous landlords?