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14th Annual BASTARD conference
Date Sunday March 17
Time 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Location Details
UC Berkeley Campus. updated info on website as we have it.
Event Type Meeting
Emailconference [at]
We humbly request your participation in the 2013 instance of the Berkeley Anarchist Students of Theory And Research & Development conference. We meet every year to discuss new, old, and interesting ideas in anarchist theory. This year our emphasis is on Ethics & Aesthetics.

This year, BASTARD is interested in the relation of ethics and aesthetics to our ideal; are we trying to make the world more beautiful or more ethical? If we are hewing to an aesthetic vision, how does replacing the ‘good’ with the ‘beautiful’ prevent us from recreating the problems of moralism with different language, if we are retaining some concept of ethics, how is it distinct from christian or liberal morality?
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by Outraged A's
Tuesday Mar 12th, 2013 3:47 PM
As ethical anarchists we are outraged at the choice of venue for this year's BASTARD conference. Not only is UC Berkeley complicit in such heinous and oppressive acts such as the development of nuclear weapons and the development of a legal justification for torture, it is also the birthplace of the biotech industry and its ecocidal practices. The organizers of the BASTARD conference should be ashamed and called out publicly for the Genetics and Plant Biology building on the Berkeley campus as their choice of venue. This is truly a disgusting act on their part and a sad day for anarchy. We call on all anarchists and allies to boycott this conference and spread the word about the role the BASTARD conference plays in proliferating nuclear weapons, justifying government torture, and unleashing genetically modified organisms into the biosphere. We encourage acts of disruption and sabotage at all future BASTARD conferences until the organizers relocate the event to a venue that has no connection to any form of domination and oppression such as a completely deserted island somewhere in the north pacific or possibly a structure on the moon built by an egalitarian alien species from the future.
by deanosor
Wednesday Mar 13th, 2013 1:52 AM
.. wont getting to the desert island (unless one can swim, or have everybody go on sustainable sailboats) use fossil fuels. Or maybe that egalitarian race from the future will transport us either to the desert island or to their (imperialist-colonial) base on the moon. Earth First! We'll mine the other planets later!
by miles
Thursday Mar 14th, 2013 5:52 PM
Yeah the parody about the venue is mildly amusing. The key difference between the BASTARD conference and the PM Press Leftist T-shirt and Sticker Fair is that nobody has to pay to go to the BASTARD conference, while vendors have to shell out $150 to rent a space at a porn factory. The four alternative spaces within four blocks of the Armory exposes the PM Press organizers' lie that there weren't any other places to rent. They just wanted a centralized location where they'd have all the control over who gets to be there. As usual, their unilateral decisions -- like who is invited to be a featured speaker (hint: it's 80% PM Press authors) -- affect more people than just themselves, but they cloak their power in fancy rhetoric about diversity... Yeah right.