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Queer radicals: Strategies for our movement
by Rubble
Friday Jul 2nd, 2010 10:43 PM
San Francisco Radical Women, a Socialist-Feminist organization held a forum held a panel discussion featuring three queer and transgender activists on Thursday, June 24, in the Tenderloin. The discussion was centered on how to build a militant movement for LGBT liberation, focusing on crucial questions around radicalism in the Queer Movement as it continues to gain visibility and power locally and nationally. (45 minutes)
Jordan Johnson, of Equality New Mexico, talks in depth about issues around movement-based (as opposed to single-issue based) organizing, including particular challenges in connecting and building lasting relationships in a large, rural-based community. Tootles, a local LGBT union organizer, is a member of HAVOQ (Horizontal Alliance of Voraciously Organized Queers). She discussed the broad-based issues and organizations HAVOC works with to achieve multi-issued successes. Anita O’Shea (AKA DJ Durt) is a member of Radical Women and BACORR, the Bay Area Coalition For Our Reproductive Rights, speaks about her Socialist-Feminist approaches to activism, under the assumption that capitalism itself is the overriding barrier to furthering LGBT rights and liberation.