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by Victoria
Wednesday Jul 5th, 2006 3:24 PM
Activists practicing civil disobedience inside the nations largest urban farm are being violently dragged out and arrested! One minor was thrown violently onto the concrete before being aprehended. More and more police continue to arrive! Stop this injustice!
URGENT: Supporters needed at South Central Farm, 41st and Alameda, Los Angeles!

As of 1pm today, multiple activists have been extracted from inside the farm where they were practicing civil disobedience to stop the bulldozers. Hired security guards inside the farm are working with police to keep activists out of the farm. There have been multiple arrests, including at least one minor from the community who was violently thrown onto the concrete before being aprehended.


1)This farm is a sanctuary and a safe space for families and children.

2)This farm is a source of local, organically grown food for the community (and the 350 farming families that will now go without food). That means no oil, coal, or gas is used to bring these crops to people. We are talking about sustainable, subsistence farming that should be encouraged, not obliterated.

3)This farm is 14 acres of green space in a city of concrete and chemicals. In a world where urban sprawl destroys thousands of miles of open spaces a year, and in a city where the lawmakers have promised "the greening of LA," we should all defend the farm as an example of what we should be doing in much larger scale in cities across the nation.

4) Farmers have not yet been let into the farm to take out SACRED RELIGIOUS OBJECTS, which are being bulldozed AS YOU READ THIS. Other posessions, including tools, CROPS, and irreplacable heirloom seeds are also about to be destroyed.

5)La tierra es de quien la trabaja: The land belongs to those who work it. Over 14 years, the South Central Farmers transformed a concrete covered lot littered with garbage into a beautiful, productive, green oasis. Are we going to let one man take it all away now?

How can you help?

*Head down to 41st and Alameda. On your way, call everyone you know! Tell them to call everyone THEY know!
Do everything you can to get the word out.

*If you have a CAMERA or a VIDEOCAMERA, you are urgently needed to go to the farm and help duccument the injustices that are happening.

*If you were there when the eviction happened, you are needed now! We must maintain a strong presence on the perimiter! Hundreds of people showed up to protest the eviction. Where are you today? Call your friends! Go to the farm!

*Donations are needed for legal support for the activists that were and continue to be arrested today. Anything you can give will help!

*Contact Jan Perry, councilperson for District 9, and let her know this is unacceptable. She has the power to stop the destruction! Phone (213)473-7009, email jan.perry [at]


July 7-10 are international days of solidarity for the South Central Farmers. There will be an informational/organizational meeting tonight for all those wishing to participate in the Santa Cruz action of solidarity.

WHERE? Louden Nelson Community Center, on Laurel St.
WHEN? July 5 at 7pm

Organize an event in your city and register it with the South Central Farmers @